Weekly Rundown: 9/4/11-9/10/11

On Sundaywe served in the two-year-old class at church. For the last time. It was by far the roughest time I've *ever* had. We have some real livewires in this current class. I was exhausted. We grabbed some lunch and then the boys and I hung out at Ben's mom's house while Ben attended a leadership meeting at church. The meeting ran over so that we found ourselves rushing to the store and then rushing home to try and beat everyone to our house. We had decided, at the last minute, to host a camp out with family. The boys scrounged for wood and set up tents while we ladies prepared and cooked dinner - over the fire, of course. Then we spent the rest of the evening chatting and enjoying the fire. The temperature dropped down to the 50s, but it was perfect camping weather.

The good times continued into Sunday. We had a yummy breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, and (turkey) bacon, with coffee and hot cocoa on the side. Everyone packed up right away, but then we all stayed around chatting and goofing off well into the afternoon. It was decided that this would be an annual Labor Day event. I'm so glad, too, because we've NEVER had anything to do on Labor Day and now a new tradition has begun. Yay.

Thursday was my Trader Joe's shopping day. That may sound lame to those of you lucky enough to have a Trader Joe's in such close approximation that you can go there at whim, but it's not super close for us so it's a once-every-6-weeks type of experience for me. I stock up on organic chicken and grass-fed beef along with a few other things I can only buy there. This time I got to go all by myself - total luxury! We ended the day by taking Luke to his first Scout meeting of the year. Never mind the fact that Ben heard the time wrong and we were there half an hour late....oh well. Luke still had fun and we enjoyed catching up with a friend who's son is in the same den. Good times.

We marked the one-month passing of Ben's dad on Friday. Brad's favorite foods were pizza and ice cream so we all ordered P'zones from Pizza Hut and then had ice cream for dessert. Ben and I gave Karen and album to store all the memorabilia she's collected regarding the funeral. It was a bittersweet evening.

Saturday was busy, but well worth it. The First Baptist Church of Arnold was hosting the Beth Moore simulcast. I got there just before 9am and was there until almost 5pm. Then I rushed home, helped get the boys packed up, dropped them off at Karen's for the night, grabbed Tim, bought snacks at the grocery store, and then headed over the our church's Trivia Night. Our table may have come in 8th place, but I'm positive we had the most fun!


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