Weekly Rundown: 8/28/11-9/3/11

On Sundaywe ate lunch with my dad and grandparents in De Soto. We ate good food and Aunt Helen's famous cream pies and just enjoyed ourselves. The boys always look forward to going there because they have a playroom full of toys. Good times.

Mondaynight was Book Club. The August pick was Two from Galilee, by Marjorie Holmes. I've loved that book since I was a teen. We had some good discussion on not just the love story of Mary and Joseph, but on the ways each character reacted and responded to Christ in their lives. Looking forward to next month!

Luke had Boy Scouts sign-ups on Thursdaynight. Gabe went with them. I worked out and then watched my Netflix movie, Sweet Land. Very good movie. It takes a bit to get started, but once it does...

Friday was busy. Gabe had a drs appointment in the a.m. Because of various reasons, the boys haven't seen a Pediatrician on a regular basis for a long. Time.
No biggie.
But Gabe had developed a pea-sized lump on the back of his head. I wanted to get that checked out. Plus, it would be good for them to be seen once a year so we can establish a relationship with a dr in case of emergency. So we went. All is well. His lump is nothing. He's in the 25th percentile and there aren't any concerns about his growth (or lack thereof). She said he's great. Duh. :)

After the appointment we went to Ben's office. The construction is finally done on the left side so I've been going over to get things cleaned up and moved into position. Plus, there was all the IKEA furniture that needed to be assembled. IKEA: a blessing and a curse. I cleaned for a bit and refilled the water cooler.

I made and delivered food for a sweet couple who just had their third child. I made them a Bloomin' Pizza and a Smore's Bar. I got to see the baby and chat for a few minutes. Were the boys ever that tiny?

We picked Ben up at his office and headed down to Washington. Dropped the boys off at my mom's house and met up with my brother, Jacob, and his girlfriend, Natasha, for dinner. Mmmm, good. I had salmon so good that I'm still thinking about it. We walked down to the Bier Deck to listen to a friend play for a bit - until the mosquitoes ran us off. Then we were chased by a horsefly. Then we drove to Paradise to have a little dessert. Ran back to my moms to pick up the kiddos (Luke was burning up) and then headed home.

Today is a lay-around-the-house day. Luke has been running a fever and just isn't feeling great. Which is fine by me because a little down-time never hurt anybody!


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