Thrift Store Scores: Plates and Log Cabin

I spent about $42 at the thrift store this past Friday! Some days I walk out with empty arms and some days I find deal after deal. My two favorites from Friday:

I love this plate, actually, I scored two of them. $2 each. They'll be awesome for smaller serving platters and should coordinate well with a lot of other dishes I have, thanks to the colorful pattern.

I also totally fell in love with this log cabin kit. I said that I bought it for the boys, but I was really buying it for myself! $8!

I also founds a couple of cute shirts, which are in the laundry right now. A couple of neat-looking books were in the mix, which I'll blog about in a future Random Reads post. Oh, and I also found some heavy-duty boots for Luke. He'll be able to wear them during the winter or when he's tromping along outside. I know there are few other things which I can't remember right now, but I was really pleased with my haul and can't wait to go again!


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