Weekly Run-Down 7/17/2011

On Wednesday I baby sat my friends four kiddos. They are the boy's age (two sets of twins). They all go along great and had a good time.

ThursdayI studied hard and then went and took my Art Appreciation final. Overall, I enjoyed that class, but an 18-week course compressed into 6 weeks is going to be difficult no matter what. Glad that's over. Oh, and I got an 'A'! Yay!

We had a playdate on Friday. It was nice to get out of the house. We haven't done any playdates since we moved in here. In fact, our social live has been pretty stagnant for the past several months. Now that we are settled in it's time to get out and see our peeps again.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of our little buddies who turned 7. It was at the pool. We had a great time. Now that the boys are older and are more comfortable in the water, we really enjoy family time at the pool.

Today, Sunday, we enjoyed our morning at church. Went to Costco where I bought a stick vacuum (since we have nothing but hardwoods now) and we ate lunch. Ben's mom and brother came over and we hiked out to our creek along the back of the property. There's not much water in the creek, but the rock formations are really, really cool. I can't wait for a cooler day. We want to go back and try catching some crawfish.


  1. I'd love to see pictures of the property/house!


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