The Boy's Room

Since I'm stuck with taking all my photos with my cell phone camera, I'll just post about one room at a time.

Here's the boy's room. I still have big plans for this room including paint, curtains, ledges for displaying Lego creations, a table and stools, and a central lighting fixture. Until then...

[caption id="attachment_454" align="alignnone" width="178" caption="Bunk beds made by hubby"][/caption]

These are the bunkbeds that Ben made. The plans can be found on Ana White's blog. Ben attached them straight to the wall on two sides and came up with the ladder on his own. They are STURDY and will probably last a lifetime. And they cost about $200. I don't know of any other high-quality bunk beds that cost that little.

[caption id="attachment_455" align="alignnone" width="178" caption="View from the doorway"][/caption]

The shelves are from IKEA - as are the bedding, the rug, and the curtains (that we have yet to hang). Perfect for their industrial-style bedroom. Do you like the lamp on the chair? Yeah, this old house doesn't have a ceiling light and their little lamp just isn't enough. Can't wait for that to change!

[caption id="attachment_456" align="alignnone" width="178" caption="Wall opposite their beds"][/caption]

My step dad made those simple shelves for me when I was a kid. They've held up really well and go perfectly in the boy's room. The table and ledges are going in that spot as soon as they are done...
[caption id="attachment_457" align="alignnone" width="178" caption="Doorway to left, closet to right."][/caption]

Here's our current Lego bin. I see a second one in our near future. Luke is Lego crazy. Eventually, the bookshelves will go in this spot, with some neat shelves hanging above them. The Lego bin and clothes hamper will fit under the table we're going to add.

[caption id="attachment_458" align="alignnone" width="178" caption="Closet"][/caption]

Years ago, when we were preparing the nursery for baby number two, we realized we needed to buy another dresser for Luke. I was too cheap and didn't want to buy something flimsy/ugly so we decided to just trick out the closet and keep all of his clothes in there. That was two houses ago and we feel like we've struck gold in that department. Dressers just take up room. If you can add shelves and drawers to a closet, instead of using a dresser, you open up so much space! We have 2 wire shelves and 6 drawers in the closet and we fit all of their clothes and a LOT of their toys in that small space. Dressers are overrated!

So that's the boy's room, for now. Aside from paint and a light fixture, we have everything else - just need to get it finished. Then we'll at least have one done room in the house! :)


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