House Projects List

House tour is coming soon. Until then, I wanted to make a list of all the projects we want to get done. Some are big, some are small - the list will take years, but that's okay. It'll be fun to come back and check things off. In no particular order....

* Install curtain rod in boy's room
* hang shelves in boy's room
* paint boy's room
* make, paint, and install ledges in boy's room
* paint play house
* modify play house to chicken coop
* build raised garden beds
* make ledges for kitchen
* build a shed
* paint hall bathroom
* paint master bathroom
* buy shutters for large window
* paint all shutters
* paint front door
* recover cushions outside
* remove blinds at back door and replace with something that doesn't make me gag
* buy, paint, and install rain barrels
* build a simple bay for a compost pile
* install water softener
* install osmosis system
* calk in bathrooms
* paint all my outdoor planter so they match
* build/buy planter boxes
* replace mailbox
* landscape around mailbox
* replace roof
* install 3-prong outlets in our office/homeschool room
* find/buy/build desks for boy's room
* buy and install carport
* put in small retaining wall on side of house
* reseal driveway
* plant wildflowers along road
* brush hog the back yard (no joke)
* hang full-length mirror in master
* install broom holder
* build shelves in office
* reposition kitchen light
* add fan in livingroom
* add lights in bedroom and office
* add exhaust fan in master bath

That's not too much, is it? :)


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