I Tried It and I Liked It: Stuffed French Toast

Sorry, no pictures; didn't last long enough for that!

If you want a dish that will wow them and taste awesome (even cold leftovers, ahem), then here's your recipe!

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast Breeze over the part about acne and scroll down to the actual recipe - you'll thank me. :)

I altered this recipe by not adding sugar in the egg batter, and by using cereal for the coating. I was going to buy cornflakes and almond slices separately, but I saw some vanilla-flavored cornflake cereal with almond slices in it and bought that instead. Worked perfectly! We don't eat plain cornflakes anyway, so no use having them around.

Oh, and this recipe doubles very easily! Mmm, so good. You have to try it!


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