Oh Christmas Tree....

I love holiday decorations, but I hate spending money on them. I always mean to buy them on sale, after Christmas, but I never feel like trying to beat the crowds so I end up missing out. It doesn't help that I like decor that has a sleek look to it - which usually costs more.  Target had some cute trees that cost $25, but I was able to make something similar for only $4. I brushed some silver paint on, spread some glue, covered in silver glitter, dotted with pearl and silver beads, draped in a strand of tiny pearls, and then topped with a silver star. Fun!

[caption id="attachment_356" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Plain tree...."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_360" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="...pretty tree."][/caption]


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