My Cup Overfloweth

Yea verily.

I'm happy to report that, after a mere six weeks of couponing, I have filled an entire shelf and then some! It boggles my mind that I've been able to stash this much stuff, while saving 55% or more every time I grocery shop (with the exception of Trader Joe's and Costco). I've also really been paying attention to how much items cost at various stores and have made some surprising discoveries. For instance, organic milk is cheaper at Target than even Shop 'n Save. Trader Joe's has the best price on organic yogurt, hands down. Organic grapes are TWENTY cents cheaper, per pound, at Dierberg's than any other place around. And Costco really does have some awesome deals - especially when you use their coupons! Their price for the boy's vitamins can't be beat anywhere else and the price of their organic, fair-trade coffee can't be beat by a mile! Love it!

Now, my super-smart, bargain-hunting fiend of a friend, Genevieve, has been doing this (and way better than I do) for years now, but it just seemed mind-boggling to me. Still, it provided plenty of inspiration so that when I was invited to a coupon seminar hosted by Karen at, I went and was blown away by her info-packed, fast-paced seminar. Loved it!

Here's my shelf in the basement:

[caption id="attachment_304" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Full!"][/caption]

I also have a year's worth of flour upstairs and a TON of cat litter stashed in another location. If you're ready to start saving, too, head on over to and! You'll be glad you did!

As for me, I'm hooked and I've never going back!


  1. Your friend, Genevieve, has all but quit cuponing. I still do it - but I don't cut out every single coupon - only the ones I would use, and often not even until a couple weeks after the paper comes. I'm not buying extra papers, buying coupons (I've only done that once), or even stockpiling - unless it's a GREAT (and easily found) deal.

    I'm muy, muy impressed.

  2. Thanks Gen! You were my inspiration!

    I don't do the multiple papers either. Too much effort and mess. Actually, I haven't even been with it enough lately to buy a paper at all. So the last three weeks I grew my stash just by using internet coupons! I LOVE internet coupons!

    I'm def. going to keep couponing, but I'm starting to shift my focus a bit more to other things like powdered milk and stuff like that.


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