Weekly Update: 6/28/2010-7/2/2010

Let me back up a bit, to Saturday, the 26th. We celebrated Luke's 6th birthday party at the Magic House. I had no idea you could do a birthday party there. We kept the guest list pretty limited and it was very reasonably priced for what we got! He chose the science theme. I'm telling you, that child is going to be an engineer/scientist/SOMETHING. We all really enjoyed ourselves. We had a small family party at home. No frills, just cake and ice cream and present opening, but it was so nice to have everyone together.

When did my baby turn 6?

On Sunday we played hooky from church. Well, the boys and I did. They would not get out of bed and I was too tired to drag them out and put up with their crabbing and feet-dragging.

I had a Children Ministry Team Lead meeting on Tuesday. It was the first Team Lead meeting I've ever been invited to and I've been doing this for over a year. It was good to get caught up.

My mom came out late Wednesday night to stay the night. She had an appointment at the dentist the next day and I had to take her in. We had a nice time chatting. The boys showed off. She's a wonderful grandmother.

On Thursday, the boys and I took mom to her appointment and camped out in the waiting room. The boys behaved themselves nicely and received several compliments and a sucker (at the DENTIST'S office!!!) for their good manners. I guess I'm not a total slacker at this child-rearing business! Then we headed over to Wal-Mart for about 2 hours (!) to wait for my mom's prescription to be filled. I haven't stepped foot in a Wal-Mart in years so two hours was a test of my patience. I broke down and bought a bag of animal crackers that we opened and snacked on throughout the duration of our wait. When in Rome, I guess.

We had a great time with our Life Group. The ladies sipped peach wine and watched Pride and Prejudice, while the guys played video games upstairs. Then our wonderful friends helped us put together the last of our pergola! We love them so much!

Ben was home all day Friday. I even went and got my hair cut. It's been almost 4 months and it was looking pretty bad. I actually found a nice, local place that accepts the Spa Finder gift certificates I've had for YEARS now. Double yay. Then I did some thrift store shopping and found lots of cute stuff for a whopping $30! I also signed up for a third class for Fall. Since I received a scholarship, we decided I should put it to use! I chose a computer efficiency class. Looks easy enough. I saw the updated bill and it was awesome to see how much the scholarship reduced the charges!  I'd say this was a good week!


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