Weekly Update: 6/5/2010

I haven't done an update for a while. I got off track when I was studying for my final at the beginning of May. It's hard to believe it's been a month since my classes ended!

Monday was Memorial Day. Ben's parents and brother came over. We made homemade ice cream and bar-b-qued. Good stuff. A great way to end the long weekend.

On Tuesday morning I had to go to the periodontist. I'd had a gum graft the week before. I won't bore you with the details, but it was tedious and not for the faint of heart. She said everything was looking good. Whew!

I had to take Gabe to the dentist on Wednesday. She said he needs sealants, too. He had his first cavity. Both boys have very deep pits and grooves in their teeth. Poor kiddos.

We finally got to see the movie, The Blind Side, on Thursday, with our Life Group.

On Friday, we got to say our goodbyes to a tech coordinator at one of the school's Ben's company does business with. She's very sweet and has always taken such interest in the boys. She's leaving MO in the next week or so, so we wanted to give her our best wishes. The boys LOVED going to one of "Daddy's school's" and thought it was just too cool. We had some friends drop by unexpectedly, which was nice - we got to catch up a little.

Today, Saturday, we went to see Shrek 4. We only take the boys to a handful of movies a year, so it was a real treat. We bought popcorn and everything and really enjoyed ourselves! Then Ben took the boys to his office while I cleaned the house and finished watching an old BBC version of Pride and Prejudice! Good times!


  1. Nope. We came home, packed up all the boys "necessities" and headed to the office. Gone from 3pm til 10:30pm!


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