I Tried It And I Liked It: Orange Pecan French Toast

Just to prove to you that I get my recipes from more than just one place, I made this French Toast for dinner tonight. I found it on www.allrecipes.com. Love that site!

[caption id="attachment_170" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="French Toast"][/caption]

What you are actually seeing in my picture is the bottom of the french toast. Not the top. The top is on the bottom and the bottom is on the top. Which means that you put yummy goodness in the pan, place the sliced french bread on top of it, and then pour the remaining ingredients on top. So my picture is boring because the top you are seeing is really the bottom. Make sense?

A few notes about this recipe: it calls for 3 tablespoons of sugar in the egg/milk/orange juice mixture. I left that out because you put brown sugar and a few tablespoons of corn syrup in the bottom of the pan. Next time I make it I'm omitting the corn syrup, as well. If that works, I may even cut the brown sugar down a bit. It's plenty sweet.

Also, be sure to cook it as long as recommended or it will be soggy in the middle of each slice of bread. Not that it's not still delicious - it is - but I think it would be better without so much sog. So cook to completion!

Oh, another thing: Ben doesn't like orange stuff, but he loved this and ate more pieces than I dare post here. So it has a hint of orange, but nothing too overly strong!


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