I may have an addiction. To High Gloss Black. Everything that falls into my hands ends up coated in High Gloss Black. I may need an intervention.

Here's my latest and greatest project: Shelves. We have a partially finished basement. It was half of the basement so it was one loooong room. My husband put in a home theater a couple of years ago. That helped break up some of the space, but there was still a pretty long room down there. I've been wanting shelves along one wall in particular, but good shelves are expensive. I'm DONE with pressboard shelves. The shelves inevitably sag and nothing is sadder than that. I considered bribing my husband into making some, but that would have been a big project and still pretty pricey. So when I found these beauties on Craigslist, I knew they were THE SHELVES. Only $95 and they are made of real wood. No pressboard here, my friends!

And they were 8 feet long and over 4 feet high. No wimpy shelves for us. No sir!

[caption id="attachment_200" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Funkalicious Bookshelves"][/caption]

According to the seller, these shelves were custom made to hold an album collection. And no, not photo albums, MUSIC albums. So they are old. They are well made. They are funkalicious. I could hear disco music as soon as I touched them. Okay, not really. But you can see how that could happen.

Here's the shelves after my trusty High Gloss Black Paint and I were through with them:

[caption id="attachment_201" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="No More Funk"][/caption]

I still have the doors for the top. Ben thinks they look better without the doors. I thought they would have looked cool with a hip little stainless steel knobs I found at Home Depot. But they are off for now. Either way, I think they look vastly improved since when we purchased them!

Now I just need more books to fill them up...


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