Weekly Update: 4/3/2010

Tuesday I had to miss Algebra class for the first time ever to take Luke to the dentist. He had lost a filling. They patched him up at no charge, gave both boys new toothbrushes and balloons, and raved about how well-behaved Luke was and how entertaining they found him. That's my boy! We then went to the party store to pick up a few supplies and the lady there raved about how well behaved the boys were and gave them both free balloons. Four balloons in one day and I made it home with three - not too bad, says I!

Wednesday we went to a nearby park with some friends. It was in the 80s! I wasn't expecting that so early in MO. We soaked it up! Before the park, I took both boys to get their hair cut. I seriously, seriously need to learn to cut their hair myself. $23.00, including tip - and that was with a $3-off coupon! Eeek.

On Thursday I had class again in the morning and was pleased that I had been able to keep up despite missing my class earlier in the week. Whew. I only have a few weeks left in this class. Then I'll be on to Intermediate Algebra over the summer; a six-week class! Gah, I'm not sure what I was thinking signing up for that! I'm going to do some research and possibly cancel the class if I don't think I can swing it. I need to decide soon. Life Group met in the pm. Another Dave Ramsey video. It was about giving and was AWESOME!

It was a bit windy on Friday, but it didn't keep us from heading to the park for Luke's first soccer practice! He did great and is excited to go back again! My brother came over in the evening and hung out and then we watched The Box. Good movie, if you like Sci-Fi.

Today, Saturday, we had a super-hero themed birthday party in honor of Gabe's 3rd birthday. I found a neat site that demos how to make superhero capes cheaply. I'll get a few pictures and the link up - super cute!


  1. How are you going to research it? I tried researching my English class, wasn't a lot of info.

  2. My instructor sent me a link to .....a math website (don't have it in front of me right now). She told me to look up a certain section on there and that would help me prepare for the class.


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