Thrift Store Finds: Clothes Shopping on the Cheap!

I've been wanting a few more summery items to wear now that the weather is heating up. I wandered over to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and made out like a bandit!

  • These cute Capri pants from Old Navy

  • Pretty white skirt from Petite Sophisticate

  • A cool sweater from 21 (I'll save it for fall, of course)

  • I LOVE these adorable "crops"

  • A beautiful silky shirt from The Limited

  • Super nice skirt from J. Crew. This is more of a fall skirt and not on their site, but I couldn't find a single skirt on their site for under $40, so I'm stoked!

  • A nice Abercrombie sweater for Chelsea

All this and 6 other things, plus a neat mixing bowl with pour spout, a writing work-book for Gabe, and a neat picture stand...all for $35!! Everything I purchased was in perfect condition - like new! That comes out to $2.30 an item! I had to spend 2 hours there shifting through things, but if you were to go to all those different stores you'd certainly spend more time than that!


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