I Tried It And I Liked It: Avon's Clearskin Professional

I know this isn't a craft, or a recipe, or a decorating idea, but I tried it and I liked it so here ya go!

I've suffered with acne since I was a teenager and have tried so, so many products. I did two rounds of Proactive and didn't see much improvement. I tried a Proactive knock-off (purchased from Costco) and absolutely hated it. The best success I had was with Mary Kay cleansing products, but the results were never awesome and it really adds up. I read about the Avon Clearskin Professional products in Prevention magazine. About a week later a friend announced she was going to start selling Avon. Perfect. I purchased the cleanser and the repair lotion and started using it twice a day.

The cleanser feels so good on my skin. It gently exfoliates, which I love. It doesn't burn or leave my skin red and raw like other products I'd tried. Major bonus!

The correcting lotion smelled good and lasts a long time.

Unfortunately, I didn't see immediate results. I was pretty bummed. But I decided to use the products anyway since I'd already purchased them and I didn't want them to go to waste. And I'm so glad I did!! It took about 4 weeks, but all the sudden I realized my skin was looking better. My existing acne was clearing up and I wasn't breaking out anymore! I was ecstatic! Then I made the mistake of running out of the cleanser and taking forever to purchase more. I broke out horribly and when I finally got some new cleanser I started back at square one. I'm not going to be repeating that one again!

What I do now is use the cleanser every morning and evening. I use the correcting lotion in the morning, before putting on my moisterizer/sunscreen and then I use the toner pads at night before applying my face cream. Also, because I'm a cheapskate, I cut all the toner pads in half to make them go farther. I'm happy with this routine and it's working very well for me. Acne be gone!


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