Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy

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My "baby" turned 3 today. He is such a joy. I'm so glad he's in our lives!

A few cute/random facts about Gabe:

1. He created "Old Man Races". He scrunches up his face, hunches over, pretends to hobble with a cane, and says "Old man, Old man" over and over again while racing his brother to the finish line. Only, it sounds more like, "Old mam, old mam". Cracks us up every time.

2. He LOVES the color blue.

3. Batman is his all-time favorite super hero despite the fact that he's never seen a Batman movie or cartoon....

4. Says "coursh" when you ask him a question ("course").

5. Is the most affectionate child I've ever met.

6. Notices the color of people's eyes.

7. Loves being the baby and doesn't want to grow up.

8. Adores his big brother.

9. Thinks Spongebob is the best thing ever.

10. Loves books

11. Loves cats and dogs.


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