Weekly Update: 3/6/10

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were spent in the company of a sick little boy. Luke had a high fever, chills, and a sore throat. Poor guy was truly miserable! I was able to escape a bit on Tuesday so I could get to class and go to the dentist. I decided to try a dentist close to home. I've heard good things about her and her office and I was not disappointed in the least: a paper-less office, state-of-the-art technology, massage-rs in the exam chair. Heaven (well, as heavenly as a dentist gets). And she's a Christian, to boot.

Friday was when the real fun began. My sweet hubby arranged for my sister to spend the night with the kids while he whisked me away to the Beall Mansion, in Alton, IL, to celebrate my 30th birthday! The owner answered wearing a tuxedo and poured us some champagne to enjoy while he gave us the tour. Personally, I don't like the fussiness of antiques, but I LOVE history so I really enjoyed learning about the mansion and the furnishings. After dropping our things off in our room, we drove downtown to find dinner. The first place we went to was shoddy. It was a martini bar, but looked like a cafe you'd find in a bowling alley. We went across the street to another martini bar that was much nicer, and the food (and martinis) were great.

We skipped dessert and instead headed back to the Beall where an all-you-can-eat chocolate bar was waiting for us. We took a little bit of everything and enjoyed it in our room. The next morning we were served breakfast in bed: french toast in a praline sauce, danish, hard-boiled eggs, juice, coffee, crackers with a wonderful seafood spread, delicious fruit, a bit of sweet wine, and three perfect chocolate truffles. Mmmmhmmmm. After eating, we packed up, drove around to look at houses, and then we headed home.

Back home we hung out with the boys and then Ben took me to Powell Hall to see the St. Louis Symphony perform Ligeti and Holst. We had a great time! It was a wonderful weekend and the perfect way to celebrate my birthday! I can't wait to see what he has in store for my 40th!


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