Weekly Update: 2/27/10

Monday, our catch-up day, was pretty routine. Luke is doing well in his studies and will soon need a new math book and a new reading book! I'm so excited about his progress. It's cool to watch your kids learn. I founds some Magic Schoolbus books at the thrift store and we love them! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the rest of the series. We did several of the experiments in the book and I came up with the idea to collect all the equipment and pack it in a box. As soon as we're done with it I'll add the book, label it, and then pass it around to other homeschoolers who are interested. I'd much rather share resources than have the book just collect dust.

Tuesday was class, as usual. We are working on word problems which are so challenging for me!

On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. I've been searching for a more natural doctor and got a good recommendation. And they take our insurance, which is always a plus. They don't push vaxes so I'll be taking the kids there from now on. Just wish they were closer.

Thursday was busy with class, grocery shopping, a lunch play date and then Life Group. We discussed baptism, which is what last Sunday's sermon was on. Our church is currently focused on the core values of our church, which is a great series to go through every now and again.

I was pretty lazy on Friday. I browsed the thrift store (found a great frame that just needs to be painted) and then read and entire book. The boys were so content to play nicely together yesterday. It was bliss.


  1. We got a free Magic Schoolbus book from the EPA - I just looked up the link for you if you don't have this one already -



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