Weekly Update: 2/21/10

Monday and Tuesday, were pretty much the usual around here. Monday is always my day to catch up from the weekend and work on Algebra homework.

Wednesday was a lot of fun, we had a play-date here with four mommies and eight kiddos! One friend brought some chocolate-covered red velvet cake balls to tempt us with. They were so good!

Life Group was on Thursday. One couple brought their five-year-old twins so the boys had a blast. Two play-dates in two days!

We had a great time at a trivia night with friends on Friday night! Oh, the junk food. We didn't even come close to winning, but we had a good time anyway!

Saturday turned out to be a family day, kind of. One brother and his girlfriend met up with us and another brother for lunch at India's Kitchen on Manchester. They have a buffet for lunch, which is the best way to enjoy Indian food, in my opinion, because you have to try it all. Mmmmm, so good. Then we all came back to our house and played Settlers of Catan. We finished up the evening by watching Couple's Retreat (note: it's rated PG-13 but so not kid/teen friendly, I could barely stand it at times).

Today, I finally typed up some emails to get the word out about my other blog, Just1.thecrashpad.com. I've been working on this for a while and needed to take the next step and get the word out, but haven't had time until today. Head on over and check it out!


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