Weekly Update 2/13/10

Monday, I spent the day stressing over my first Algebra test. 'nuff said.

I was thrilled when Tuesday was declared a snow day and I had more time to study! I declared a homeschooling snow day as well and the boys and I played in the snow, made hot cocoa from scratch, did a craft, and read by the fire.

By Wednesday we were back to normal and we resumed homeschooling and Algebra cramming. Wednesdays have become our Family Night. Ben ended up having to work really late, but the boys and I had fun making pretzels from scratch.

Thursday was the big test. I scored a 100% AND extra credit for correctly answering a question we hadn't covered in class yet. Big sigh of relief! Life Group was good. We are done with Dave Ramsey for now, but had a good discussion about church and what role church plays in our lives.

Friday was the busy day! We attended a homeschoolers Valentine's Day party which was so much fun! Then we came home to find the batteries were low in one of the smoke detectors and it kept beeping every two minutes. The boys were freaked out so we camped out in the van until Ben could get home and figure it all out. I was less than thrilled, but the boys had a blast. Then we attended a bowling birthday party for one of Luke's little friends. We had a nice time - Luke's never been bowling before.

Today, Saturday, I had a ladies breakfast while Ben took the boys out for a morning treat. When I got home I found a chocolate bar and a homemade valentine on my desk! We then headed out to a friend's 40th birthday party, which was a nice way to spend the day!


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