Weekly Update 2/1/10

Last week was pretty calm. On Monday, Gabe had a dental check-up. I was dreading that because of our poor dental history. And it's a struggle to brush and floss his teeth. But he did really well and they didn't see any cavities. They do want to put sealants on at the next check-up because he also has very deep pits and grooves.

Tuesday was algebra again. My online class about Mastering the College Experience started. It seems pretty easy so far. I passed both tests with 100%.

Wednesday we had some little friends over in the morning for a play date. They all played so well and had a great time.

Thursday was algebra again and then Life Group. We talked about finances again and discussed our financial core values and the like.

As far as I can remember, Friday, I didn't do much of anything except cleaning house, schoolwork, homeschool....the usual. It almost felt like a vacation day.

On Saturday we went to our friends for his 1st Happy Breath Day (1 year since his double lung transplant). We visited for a while while the kids played and made a mess.Chelsea woke up sick in the middle of the night. I'm praying we all stay healthy, but it seems like everyone is getting the flu or a bad cold right now.

Sunday I had Sunday School with the cutest little 2-year-olds ever. After church Ben and I went to a church meeting with the other Life Group hosts/leaders to discuss what's coming up for Life Groups. After the financial series we'll be discussing the values of the church and then talk about the membership process. Then I had to make a 2-hour round trip to take Chelsea's friend home since Chels was still under the weather.


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