I Tried It And...Eh

I needed to whip up a fun dessert for a Homeschooler's Valentine's Day Party. So I looked around online and found this tasty-looking recipe. They tasted great and everyone raved about them and asked for the recipe. So not a total loss, for sure, but the they required almost twice the peanut butter called for, and they were NOT easy to cover and didn't set up as well as in the picture on the website. Grrr. Also, I BARELY had enough chocolate to cover them so I had to do that part very, very carefully and it was time-consuming. Overall it was just sort of stressful and messy. So if you try these, make sure you have plenty of peanut butter and be prepared to get messy! But everyone will go crazy over them and you won't have to worry about taking any back home, that's for sure!


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