Weekly Update 1/16/10

On Tuesday, I officially started college. Beginning Algebra. I was nervous, but I could tell everyone else was as well. The instructor breezed in and immediately set us at ease. She's great. You can tell she really enjoys teaching and she's totally used to people who aren't, uh, mathematically inclined. She's also a Christian and mentioned (before class) that she meets with other teachers once a week to pray for her students. Very, very cool. I met two of the women next to me and we chatted a bit. Cool.

Wednesday, I was up early again to get to the dentist for my permanent crown. Of course, my temporary was stubborn and had to be CUT off, but eventually he got it off and cemented the new one in place. It's a great looking tooth. He replaced my crooked tooth with a straight tooth and brought it in like with my other teeth. Very cool. However, I'm afraid it's going to effect my bite. Well see how it feels in the coming week.

I was back in Algebra on Thursday. Class went well again and we did some review of fractions, percents and decimals. So no actual algebra yet. We don't have textbooks, we have MyMathLab instead. I love it. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll be studying math every. single. day until this class ends. Just because I need to keep going over and over and over it if I want to get a good grade. And I so want to get a good grade.

After class, I picked up the boys and we headed over to a friend's house for a playdate. Good times.

On Friday, Ben had to work all day and then head out to a men's retreat put on by our church. The boys and I went to wile away the evening with another friend...and her 4 kids. Luke and Gabe had a blast and I had a good time, too.

I spent my Saturday morning cleaning up the basement. It was a disaster. Plus, my craft area is in the basement and for my birthday I want Ben to finish that area off. I'll be sure to take some before and after pictures to post on this site. I'm not doing anything too fancy. I really want to make do with what I have as much as possible and will buy everything else off of Craigslist or the thrift stores. So nothing fancy, but hopefully I'll end up with a clean, organized and functional space that I'm not embarrassed to invite people into.


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