Our Financial Plan

Our assignment this week was to create a financial mission statement and write out our financial core values.

Financial Mission Statement:

Our goal is to save up a 3-month emergency fund as quickly as possible.

We already have ideas for what we want to do after that, but we're starting with the emergency fund and we'll re-evaluate our goals when we've cleared this hurdle.

Financial Core Values:

1. To re-assess every existing expense and see if it's a need or if it can be scaled back or eliminated from our budget altogether.

2. To carefully evaluate every purchase to see if it's a justifiable expense
I put together the little picture below to help us keep track of how much we've saved. You can faintly see the goal lines. We'll start from the bottom and color it in every time we hit one of our mini-goals. We're going to sit down with the boys tonight, after dinner, and talk to them about what we're doing and then we'll pray together about our finances.

[caption id="attachment_64" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Our Financial Goal Visual"][/caption]


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